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the dueling fiddlers:

SXSW Wants You

Posted on February 25, 2011 with 0 comments

.com'ers, TDF lovers, and followers, we here at TDF are calling you! Next month we have an amazing opportunity. We will be in Austin Tx, playing one of the most well known music festivals in America, SXSW! If you aren't sure what sxsw is or stands for it is south by south west and it is an enormous 4 day music festival where individuals show case their music in front of thousands! It's truly amazing. I encourage all of you to look it up, you will be surprised by all the artist involved. And if we aren't motivation enough to come down and rock out you may see other artist you would also just die to see live. I know personally i'm stoked to see that not only are tdf playing but as well as some of my other favorite bands. If you can't make it, no worries The Dueling Fiddlers Still love you... Mostly. It depends. We need help getting the word out that we will be at sxsw. this is when all you lovely people on .com come into play! I know. You're probably wondering how on earth can you help? Well you would be surprised. Check out my How To Be Amazing below 


Oh hey! Fancy to see you here. I suppose you are wondering how to be amazing? Well here ya go :)

1. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: RSVP on our facebook page that you are coming. Even if you can't make it, this way you are able to invite your friends on fb to the event. Tell them how awesome we are and maybe even offer up some sexual favors? ... kidding! unless you think it will help the cause?!

2.  SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS: Just climb a mountain... or skyscraper depending on where you are, and then shout all about it! But really tell your friends! You would be surprised how powerful word of mouth is. and if you have it. Use that fancy new thing out there that all the kids seem to be addicted to. I think it's called twidder? Tweeter? Twitter?! Yes Twitter! Tweet up a storm, tagging @duelingfiddlers and using a hash tag for sxsw. So it looks something like this #sxsw. So many people will see that if you do those 2 simple things! 

if you aren't already following us on twitter, we are @duelingfiddlers, look us up, lets be friends!!! You can also follow me colors, TDF's ever so charming tour manager on twitter too at @colorsparker! 

See you all in Austin!!!

Colors ( aka da bomb)